Open Access

Open Access in EPJ Open journals

The European Physical Journal wishes to foster the development of the Open Access publishing model in the physical sciences. To this aim a suite of electronic journals freely available to the global scientific community has been launched by the EPJ publishers.

Articles published in these journals will be freely and permanently accessible online. Authors retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and are free to reproduce and re-distribute it without restrictions, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

EPJ Applied Metamaterials

EPJ Data Science

EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics

EPJ Photovoltaics

EPJ Quantum Technology

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation

EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies

EPJ Web of Conferences

Moreover as of 2014 EPJ C – Particles and Fields is published as a full open access journal funded by SCOAP3.

Special Open Access initiatives

“Letter” articles in EPJ A - Hadron and Nuclei are published open access without incurring any fee. Letters must describe new and original work deserving rapid publication. Their aim is fast and concise communication of material of current interest: i) an important theoretical, computational or experimental result ii) a valuable discussion of, or a short essay on, an open scientific issue iii) a valuable presentation of innovative and promising ideas and concepts, in the fields covered by the journal. In order to make a fast refereeing and decision procedure possible, and to address a broad readership, Letters should not exceed 4 printed pages in the EPJ style format, and should contain no more than 4 figures and/or tables.

Authors whose research has been funded by the Wellcome Trust can opt to publish with Open Access. In this case the Open Access fee will be covered by the Wellcome Trust. For more information visit

NIH-funded research

If your research has been funded by the NIH and you want the publisher to deposit the author’s accepted version in PubMed Central on your behalf and have it opened up for the public within 12 months, please go to and fill in the respective form.

If you opt to publish your article with Open Access, depositing it in the public repository is not necessary. For more information visit

Open Access in traditional subscription-based EPJ journals

Since November 2006, all EPJ journals have offered an "Open Access" option for papers that have successfully passed the peer-review stage, through the payment of an open access fee prior to publication. Authors who elect to use this option are provided with the same extensive publishing services as those for papers published in the subscription mode, but with the following additional services:

a. The online version of an open access article will be perpetually, universally and freely accessible.
b. The initial copyright holder (by default, the author) is entitled to keep his/her copyright.

Authors wishing to publish an accepted paper as "Open Access" should inform the editorial office of the corresponding EPJ journal, following receipt of the acceptance letter. They will then be contacted regarding the corresponding payments, where applicable. The current standard open access fee is at a special reduced rate of € 1,200 per article. No taxes are included in this charge. Authors resident in any European Union country have to add Value-Added Tax (VAT, currently 20%). Institutions paying the fee on behalf of the author can in most cases have the VAT refunded, or by providing their VAT registration number avoid paying VAT altogether. The article will be tagged "Open Access" and will be published and disseminated as such once the payment has been received.

Corresponding authors who are members of the Physical Societies represented in the EPJ Scientific Advisory Committee receive a 10% discount on the open access fee.

For "open access" papers, authors should use the following license agreement (based on the Creative Commons license) instead of the usual EPJ copyright transfer statement and send it to the responsible production editor.

Global availability of EPJ

Presently, all sections of this journal are read in over 7,000 institutions worldwide through subscriptions. The journal is further freely available in many so-called developing countries through various initiatives in which the publishers of EPJ participate.

The EPJ publishers are prepared to move the EPJ journals to "Open Access-only", which will entail seeking sponsoring models and the cooperation with funding agencies and consortia that will guarantee long-term financial support for Open Access publishing at realistic article processing fees, while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of the present system of dissemination of scientific content and metadata in its usual high quality and to the entire spectrum of hosting, abstracting, indexing and archiving services in keeping with international norms and conventions. In particular, EPJ is seeking sponsoring models and joint projects with funding agencies and consortia willing to sponsor all types and categories of papers accepted by the editors of the EPJ journals on the basis of their intrinsic scientific quality and relevance.

UK Government and Research Councils UK Open Access Policy

Being co-published by Springer, the EPJ journals offer a variety of open access options for authors to publish their research. Authors can choose to have their paper published open access within an established subscription-based EPJ journal. In addition, we offer a new suite of EPJ Open journals, fully open access journals and focused on new emerging areas of physics and related interdisciplinary subjects. All EPJ Open articles as well as articles published in our subscription-based journals using the Open Access option, are truly open access and Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licensed.

Springer also enables authors to self-archive the accepted manuscript version of their article in any repository 12 months after official publication if they decide to publish in a subscription-based journal. See the Springer self-archiving policy for further details.

The EPJ Open journals are part of SpringerOpen and as such they offer an Open Access Membership Program, which allows institutions, societies and funders worldwide to actively support open access. Concretely, we help them to establish affordable membership accounts to cover some or all of the publication costs for their individual researchers. To find out whether your institution is one of our over 400 members, please visit the SpringerOpen website.

To learn more about the RCUK policy and what it means for you as a researchers, please read the RCUK Policy on Open Access and Supporting Guidance. For more information on the implementation for this new funding scheme within SpringerOpen, please visit the dedicated Springer webpage or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Telethon Compliance

If you are funded by Telethon, EPJ will assist you in complying with your funder’s policy in support of open and unrestricted access to research literature. The EPJ journals are hybrid journals. You can choose to have your article published open access. You will be given that option as soon as your article has been accepted for publication after peer review, and we will handle the administrative process.

The cost of having your article published with open access is covered by Telethon. Please see the Telethon Open Access Policy for details.

If you opt for publishing your article with open access, it will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) and will be immediately freely available to everyone everywhere. Furthermore, you can keep the copyright and do not have to worry about depositing your article into PubMed Central. Springer will deposit the final published version of your article into PubMed Central and make it freely available at the time of publication.

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