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EPJ ST Special Issue: Intense laser-matter interaction in atoms, finite and condensed systems

Interaction of intense laser pulses with matter on various scales is a growing area of research using table-top femtosecond and sub-femtosecond laser pulses as well as large-scale free electron lasers spanning the photon energy range from the infrared to x-rays. The Nobel prize in Physics (2018) was awarded in part to the development of “light tools” or lasers delivering intense near-infrared laser pulses. This has burgeoned research in intense laser matter interaction to develop attosecond pulses in the soft x-ray region to super-intense pulses to generate relativistic plasmas. The large scale end of this research saw a concomitant development in accelerator based photon sources of intense short wavelength light pulses VUV, soft- and hard x-rays from free-electron laser pulses. This science has grown rapidly in the last few decades and calls for a review and a collection to gather its length and breadth.

The focus of this issue is to bring together the concepts, notions and prospects of the physics and processes often presented and viewed on separate and different length and size scales – atoms and molecules, finite nano- and micro-scale matter and extended systems in the condensed or fluid phases. The generation, metrology and manipulation of light pulses, the techniques to measure the effect and impact of these non-perturbative interactions in the laboratory and the computational methods and frameworks work hand-in-hand to advance this field of research and constantly push the envelope.

This issue encourages the submission of articles in one of the four different formats: Minireview (10-15 pages), Tutorial Review: (15+ pages), and Original Papers (typical, 5-10 pages) or (short, 3-5 pages), see also https://www.epj.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=408&Itemid=413&lang=en

As guest editors of this EPJ ST issue, we assist the EPJ ST board in compiling this issue and invite authors to submit their original research and short review articles for this collection of articles.

Manuscripts should be prepared using the latex template of EPJ ST, which can be downloaded here.

Articles should be submitted to the Editorial Office of EPJ ST via the submission system at https://articlestatus.edpsciences.org/is/epjst/home.php by selecting "Intense laser-matter interaction in atoms, finite and condensed systems" as a special issue not later than 15 May 2021.

We are looking forward to your contributions.

Sivarama Krishnan and Marcel Mudrich
(Guest Editors)

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