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EPJA Topical Collection on Tensor Spin Observables

Guest Editors: Wim Cosyn, Douglas Higinbotham, Dustin Keller, Elena Long, Nathaly Santiesteban, Karl Slifer

Several experiments are planned at Jefferson Lab and other facilities which will utilize a solid tensor polarized target to investigate properties of spin-1 systems. This exciting new program will help clarify how the properties of the nucleus arise from the underlying partons, and provide novel information about gluon contributions, quark angular momentum, and the polarization of the quark sea that is not accessible in spin-1/2 targets. Theoretical interest in spin-1 systems has dramatically accelerated in recent years, as polarized target technology has developed that now allow access to these observables.

During the summer of 2023, the European Centre for Theoretical Studies in nuclear physics and related areas (ECT*) hosted a workshop focused on tensor spin observables. The ECT* workshop brought together the foremost experts in the field to review the current state of experimental and theoretical progress, and to devise a clear strategy for moving forward on both fronts. The focus of the planned EPJA article collection will be to record the highlights of this workshop, quantify the recent tremendous increase of our knowledge of spin-1 systems, and to establish a strong foundation for the success of the planned experimental program.


Open calls for papers