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Special issues - General Information

EPJ welcomes the publication of selected and topical Special Issues.

EPJ Special Topics

The journal EPJ - Special Topics is exclusively devoted to the publication of topical issues, and individual papers cannot be submitted with the exception of long review, tutorial or working report type papers filling a complete issue.

To submit a proposal to EPJ ST as guest editor of a topical issue please proceed as described here. We strongly encourage the submission of proposals that take the format of “Discussion and Debate” issues: the aim of such publications is the balanced critical presentation of specific unsolved problems, controversial topics, rival theories, alternative methodologies, and negative results of interest at the cutting edge of scientific and technological development. To submit a proposal to EPJ ST “Discussion and Debate” please proceed as described here.

To submit a proposal to EPJ ST as author of a topical issue consisting of a single, review-type monograph, please send the names and affiliations of all authors along with the title, outline and table of contents to

Anne Ruimy
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Vijala Kiruvanayagam
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EDP Sciences

Sabine Lehr
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EPJ Plus

The journal EPJ Plus, with its particular focus on the setting, verification and improvement of standards, procedures and performances offers the possibility to publish short, topical focus points, consisting typically of 4-6 articles devoted to a specific aspect of the journal's aims and scope.
To submit a proposal, please proceed as described here.

Open Calls for Papers

To see which other EPJ journals are calling for papers for special issues please view the list of Open Calls for Papers on the right or follow these links

EPJA: Hadrons and Nuclei

EPJB: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

EPJD: Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics

EPJE: Soft Matter and Biological Physics

EPJST: Special Topics

EPJ Photovoltaics

EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation

EPJ Quantum Technology

If a special issue is based on a scientific meeting, the organizers will be asked to adhere to quite stringent rules to ensure the success of such an endeavour.
In particular, the journal will expect the meeting organizers to recognize and announce to participants that:

  1. There will be no conference proceedings.
  2. Instead, a special issue provides an opportunity to have original material (only) refereed quickly and published inthe EPJ journal concerned.
  3. Accordingly, authors interested in making a contribution should,on their own initiative, submit their full paper at the time of the conference.
  4. Articles must be strictly journal length and quality and each will be refereed like any regular paper of its kind submitted to the EPJ journal concerned.

Provided that in this way a critical mass of papers is reached so as to form a representative and coherent survey of the subject matter, they will be released together as a self-contained (virtual) journal issue.

Open calls for papers