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To submit a proposal for a focus point to EPJ Plus

A focus point is a collection of typically 4-6 articles, devoted to a particular aspect of the journal's aims and scope. To submit a proposal, please

  • propose a sufficiently specific working title
  • give name(s) and affiliation(s) of all guest editor(s)
  • provide a short rationale for putting such a focus point together
  • provide a (tentative) list of contributions (contributing authors, titles, abstracts)

Proposals will be assessed by the editorial board on the basis of their quality and relevance. If accepted – possibly with revisions - please revise resp. complete the proposal to the degree applicable. In particular, all finalized abstracts for the contributions are required at this stage. The abstracts must explicitly mention the article type (original article, technical report, minireview) and clearly show how the paper is going to address and meet the aims of the focus point.

When the revised/completed proposal is finally accepted, a deadline for the submission of the papers is decided in agreement with the guest editor(s).

The collecting and refereeing of the individual contributions will be the responsibility of the guest editor(s), who will further ensure that the quality of contributions meets the standards expressed in the proposal. The finally submitted focus point will be assessed again by the Editorial Board and compared to the accepted proposal. The Editorial Board can request changes if the submitted set of papers significantly differs from the accepted proposal.

Authors are asked to submit their paper electronically through the website http://www.editorialmanager.com/epjp/, specifying in their cover letter that their paper belongs to the focus point. The instructions for the authors are available here. Manuscripts should be written preferably in LaTeX, using the style file that can be downloaded on the left column of this page: Authors / LaTeX Macros.

Please submit your proposal to:

Angela Di Giuseppe
EPJ Plus Editorial Office
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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