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Adam Maj joins the EPJ Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

Adam Maj

The Scientific Advisory Committee of EPJ is delighted to welcome Professor Doctor Adam Maj, as the new representative for the Polish Physical Society.

Adam Maj is a professor of physics and the head of the Division of Nuclear Physics and Strong Interactions in the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN), Krakow, Poland, and he coordinates the nuclear physics research program at the Cyclotron Center Bronowice at IFJ PAN. In the past he was the Scientific Director of this institute. He is a member of the NUPPEC committee, member of the Governing Board of the Polish Physical Society and member of the Editorial Board of Physical Review C. His interests are experimental nuclear physics, especially the gamma-spectroscopy, the gamma-decay of giant and pygmy resonances, hot rotating nuclei, high spin physics, novel scintillator detectors, popularization of science.

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