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25 Years of EPJ – Supporting Early Career Researchers in 2023

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2023 saw the 25th anniversary of the creation of the European Physical Journal (EPJ). To celebrate this landmark, one year ago the Steering Committee announced that EPJ would provide increased support of early career researchers, making a commitment to provide grants for young researcher meetings throughout the year.

The call for grant applications saw a great response, and we were delighted to be able to approve 23 of these conferences across a broad range of subjects including statistical physics, biophysics, optics, and high energy and particle physics. To meet the criteria, these were either meetings aimed specifically at young researchers, or included some session dedicated to early career scientists. The full list of supported young researcher conferences is given below, and spans meetings in Europe, the USA, India and South Africa.

Participants in the Greenhorn Meeting 2023 (Humboldt University of Berlin), one of the many young researcher meetings supported by EPJ during 2023.

The impact of such support is nicely captured through some kind words from the Organisation Team behind the 2023 Greenhorn Meeting:

“Your sponsorship helped us to bring a successful meeting to life…We were able to offer the around 40 participants a great platform to present their work and make connections. We truly appreciate your commitment to fostering academic and professional growth among students. Once again, thank you for sponsoring our conference and ensuring its success.”

Early career research was also top of the agenda at the special joint meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Steering Committee and EPJ Editors-in-Chief, held at EMPA in Zurich on April 21/22. A special guest at this meeting was Dr Damian Rodriguez of the EPS Young Minds, who presented on “Scientific publishing from the EPS Young Minds perspective”. To ensure that this input is not lost, an EPS Young Minds representative will be regularly invited to participate in forthcoming SAC meetings and ongoing topical working groups, and we hope to see more early career networks involved in the future.

EPS Young Minds

Participants in the joint meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Steering Committee and EPJ Editors-in-Chief, EMPA, Zurich.
(photographer: Maria Sutter)

This anniversary celebration provided a great opportunity to look back at past success, but also to look ahead to the next 25 years, and it is clear that increased involvement of early career researchers is integral to the long-term success of EPJ. We look forward to strengthening these links and developing support in both directions in 2024 and beyond.

List of conferences supported by the EPJ25 Young Researcher meeting programme in 2023:

  • EPS Physics and Optics Naples Young Students
  • 48th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics
  • XI GEFENOL Summer School on Statistical Physics of Complex Systems
  • Grinding Inference and Tracking
  • Quantum Battles in Attoscience 2023
  • Materials for health from biophysics to biomedicine
  • Opto 2024
  • Electron-Ion Collider Early Career Workshop
  • Direct reactions and spectroscopy with hydrogen targets: past 10 years at the RIBF and future prospects
  • 15th Internat. Workshop on Boosted Phenomenology, Reconstruction and Searches in HEP
  • International Conference on Quantum Fluids and Solids
  • ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop 2023
  • 10th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics
  • International Summer School on Vacuum, Electron and Ion Technologies
  • Greenhorn Meeting 2023
  • Student Conference on Optics and Photonics 2023
  • UK Nuclear Physics ECR Forum
  • Frontiers and Careers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics
  • Hammers & Nails 2023
  • International Symposium on Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Research Opportunities in Complex Systems
  • African Nuclear Physics Conference 2023 (ANPC 2023)
  • Friday Light Talks

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