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Konstantinos Bachas joins the EPJ Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

Konstantinos Bachas

The Scientific Advisory Committee of EPJ is delighted to welcome Professor Konstantinos Bachas, as the new representative for the Hellenic Physical Society.

Konstantinos (Dinos) Bachas is an Associate Professor at the University of Thessaly in Greece, specializing in experimental high energy physics. His research focuses on topics related to the physics of the LHC at CERN and the ATLAS experiment. These include searches for new physics using advanced statistical methods, Standard Model measurements mainly in diboson production channels, and various simulation and reconstruction tasks for the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer. In recent years, his experimental efforts have involved the use of machine learning techniques for analyzing high energy physics data, exploring searches for hypothetical resonances, and searching for new physics within the context of Effective Field Theories.

Outside of his research, Professor Bachas is dedicated to education and outreach, having taught a wide range of courses from accelerators and detectors in nuclear and particle physics to the experimental foundations of elementary particle physics.

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