EPJ A Highlight - Advancing AGATA – Future Science with The Advanced Gamma Tracking Array

Artist's view of the 4p AGATA spectrometer showing the mechanical holding frame (yellow) and cryostat dewars (blue) of the Ge detectors.

AGATA – the Advanced Gamma Tracking Array is a multi-national European project for the ultimate high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometer for nuclear physics capable of measuring γ rays from a few tens of keV to beyond 10 MeV, with unprecedented efficiency, excellent position resolution for individual γ-ray interactions and correspondingly unparalleled angular resolution, and very high count-rate capability. AGATA will be a flag ship spectrometer and have an enormous impact on nuclear structure studies at the extremes of isospin, mass, angular momentum, excitation energy and temperature. It will enable us to uncover and understand hitherto hidden secrets of the atomic nucleus.

Steadily growing in size up to the current 1π array, “the timely completion of the full AGATA spectrometer and the provision of adequate support and maintenance are of the highest importance to address the exciting science programme at both the stable and radioactive beam facilities'' (2017 NuPECC Long-Range Plan). This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting science programme to be performed with the AGATA 4π array, which should be achieved over the coming decade.

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