EPJ A Topical Collection: Precision Measurements in Nuclear Physics

Guest Editors: Klaus Blaum, Maria Jose Garcia Borge

The progress made in recent years on the precision frontier in the determination and prediction of ground and excited state nuclear properties has been amazing. The advances in technology mainly concerning ion traps, storage rings, lasers, high-precision frequency measurements, detectors, and particle beams as well as advances in atom and ion manipulation have allowed for major breakthroughs in the determination of fundamental parameters and quantities of radionuclides such as masses, electromagnetic moments, lifetimes and beta decay correlations. In a similar manner, significant progress has been made in the theoretical description of the nucleus and its properties.

The main subjects covered by this topical collection are: high-precision mass measurements both with Penning traps and storage rings for neutrino physics, nuclear structure, astrophysics, and decay studies. Laser spectroscopy is applied for the determination of other ground state properties like spins, moments, and nuclear charge radii. Furthermore, results from decay studies of highly charged ions and reactions in storage rings are presented. With the development of novel detection techniques not only the precision but also the sensitivity limit was pushed, allowing to get access to regions of the nuclear chart which seem to be inaccessible until recently.

All articles are available here and are freely accessible until 31 July 2024. For further information read the Editorial.

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