EPJ AP: Vincent Mauchamp new Editor-in-Chief

The publishers of The European Physical Journal Applied Physics are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Vincent Mauchamp as new Editor-in-Chief.

Vincent Mauchamp is Professor at the department of Physics of the University of Poitiers. After a master’s degree in Condensed Matter Physics, he received a PhD in materials science from the University of Nantes where he worked on the characterization of lithium-ion battery electrodes using Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy. After a post-doc at the INSA Lyon, he joined the Pprime institute in 2007. His research activities are now mainly focused on the electronic structure, electronic properties and functionalization of two-dimensional transition metal carbides - so-called MXenes - as probed by different kinds of spectroscopies (EELS, XPS, optical spectroscopy, XAS, etc), and combined to Density Functional Theory simulations.

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