EPJ D Topical Issue - Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications: ICAMDATA 2022

Guest Editors: Annarita Laricchiuta, Iouli E. Gordon, Christian Hill, Gianpiero Colonna and Sylwia Ptasinska

Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications: the generation, collection and diffusion of accurate and consistent atomic and molecular (AM) data is crucial in various fields of science and technology, requiring the cross-disciplinary cooperation of AM data producers and users and the coordination of AM data activities and databases.

The Topical Issue collects 20 papers, giving a snapshot of the efforts of the community in the field of data production and curation. The majority of the papers are focused on the theoretical derivation of structural properties of atoms and molecules and of dynamical data (cross sections and rate coefficients) for electron scattering and heavy-particle collision processes, with different approaches. Some papers presenting experimental activity are also included in the collection. Published results contribute to the construction of new knowledge and aim at giving answer to data needs in different fields of application, ranging from astrophysics and fusion plasmas to low-temperature plasmas for technological discharges and aerothermodynamics. Another relevant topic is the data collection and dissemination through the existing web infrastructures, establishing criteria and indicators for the critical and systematic analysis and formulating new paradigms and best practices.

This Topical Issue stems from the 12th International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications (ICAMDATA), held in Mola di Bari (Italy) in September 2022.

All articles are available here and are freely accessible until 18 August 2024. For further information read the Editorial.

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