EPJ E Topical Issue: Festschrift in honor of Philip (Fyl) Pincus

Guest Editors: David Andelman,
Jean-Marc Di Meglio, and Cyrus R. Safinya

This topical issue comprises 49 contributions covering a broad range of topics, which advance the understanding of soft and biological matter systems from physical and chemical aspects. More than 200 scientists globally contributed to this noteworthy Festschrift, which is divided into thematic categories.

The first theme is focused on equilibrium and non-equilibrium soft matter systems, including topics associated with polymers and colloidal systems, in uncharged and charged systems, where Pincus has made lasting contributions. In addition, other contributions are concerned with liquids, flowing and active matter, and granular systems. The second theme groups together many contributions that are focused on biological physics, including properties of the cell cytoskeleton and associated proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins, lipid membranes, membrane-associated proteins, and assembly and interactions of viral capsids with lipids and polymers. A third group of contributions is in the nascent field of biomolecular and biomimetic materials at the crossroads between physics, chemistry, bioengineering, and materials science. Finally, systems dealing with far-from-equilibrium states of matter in biology are addressed by a few contributions focusing on the physical properties of living cells.

All articles of this collection are available here and are freely accessible until 20 August 2024. For further information read the Editorial.

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