EPJ Web of Conferences Highlight - WONDER-2023 - 6th International Workshop On Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor applications

By combining experimental data (yellow boxes: example of experimental setup and apparatus) and theoretical calculations (red boxes: example of theoretical approaches), it becomes possible to perform an evaluation of nuclear data for several applications (middle: example of a nuclear reactor). Those evaluated nuclear data are collected in a regularly updated public international library such as JEFF (Joint Evaluated Fusion and Fission).

To describe the path of neutrons in the material but also the chain reactions that take place in a reactor and the changes in the composition of matter due to nuclear reactions, neutronics uses computer codes.

These codes have also acquired such a level of performance since the last two decades that the main source of uncertainty in neutronic calculations comes today from nuclear data.

In this context, the 6th edition of the International Workshop On Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor applications (WONDER-2023), organized by the CEA-IRESNE and the Cadarache center, in collaboration with the NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD) and with the support of the “Aix-Marseille metropole”, was held in Aix-en-Provence (France), on June 2023.

The main objective was to identify future trends in the measurement, modeling and evaluation of nuclear data needed for current reactors and innovative reactor concepts. Proceedings were published in EPJ Web of Conferences.

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